First Spider-Man: Miles Morales alternative suit revealed in PS5 pre-order details

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Pre-ordering the Spider-Man: Miles Morales Launch Edition on PS5 gets you access to two exclusive suits, alongside a few other goodies when the game hits the next-gen console this November. 

The information comes from a new product listing on UK retailer GAME (via Reddit), which confirms the full list of digital bonuses players will receive for pre-ordering the upcoming PS5 game ahead of launch. 

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This includes a copy of the game, the T.R.A.C.K. Suit (seen above), a yet to be announced second Spidey suit, a Gravity Well Gadget, and three extra Skill Points. 

This is the first alternative suit to have been revealed for Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which will likely act as a powerful variable on gameplay in the same way Peter Parker's wardrobe of alternative costumes did in Spider-Man PS4. 

According to Target, T.R.A.C.K stands for "Time Response Activated Circuit Kinetic", and with suit designed by artist Javier Garron, best known for his work on the Spider-Man: Miles Morales comic relaunch of 2011.

Meanwhile, the Gravity Well Gadget apparently lets Miles"pull enemies together to knock them down and disarm them", but the listing does confirm that those who don't own the Launch edition of the game will still be able to unlock the device later on in the story. 

We'll likely hear more from Insomniac about Spider-Man: Miles Morales in the coming weeks and months ahead, as we gear up for its November 12 launch on both PS5 and PS4. 

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