First shots from new Ninja Turtles

Coming up from the sewers, via developer Ubisoft's plush HQ, are the first three screens from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the current, next-gen and handheld-powered tag team beat-'em-up. And you can see more of the martial arts trained hombres in their current-gen incarnation if you click on the Images tab above.

Built on the Prince of Persia engine and developed by many of the team who once worked on the scimitar-waving monarch, this movie-based adventure will feature the same kind of athletic action with all of the Turtles being able to tumble and twist throughout the sewers every bit as easily as the agile regent.

Above: Each one of the turtles has their own moves, weaponry, special attacks and personality

But instead of there being just one nimble ninja on screen at once, the brothers fight side by side, combining their skills to launch devastating dual attacks, butchering their foes fluidly, all while unlocking extra content. For the frantic combat is based on the fighting found in the likes of Ninja Gaiden but simplified for the film's younger audience.

December 20, 2006