First image from Now You See Me 2 lands online

It's a case of 'count the A-lister' in the first image from magic-infused sequel Now You See Me 2, which has just been revealed online.

Featuring (deep breath) Mark Ruffalo, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Lizzy Caplan, Dave Franco, Daniel Radcliffe and Michael Caine, it's a shot of the cast gathered on a plane, which we're guessing is the setting for a death-defying stunt of soaring proportions.

Or it could just be the cast on the way to their next shooting location. We're not quite sure.

Particularly of note is Eisenberg's short haircut, the actor having finished up shooting as (assumedly) bald baddie Lex Luthor in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Directed by Jon M Chu, Now You See Me 2 adds two new cast members in the form of Radcliffe (as Caine's son) and Caplan, who replaces Isla Fisher as the group's only female member.

Now You See Me 2 opens in the UK on 10 June 2016.

Josh Winning

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