First Game of Thrones season 6 trailer teases the death of... everyone

If you haven't learnt by now that no-one is safe in Game of Thrones, it's time to give up and go live in a TV-less cave somewhere. Need we remind you how many beloved characters we've lost over the last five seasons of the show? The first trailer for season 6 has now been released (following a teaser this weekend) and, as if to rub it, it features some of those lost faces and hints at who will be next...

Are you scared? You should be. As the trailer so aptly points out, no-one is safe. Daenerys, Tyrion, Ayra… anyone could be next! It could even be YOU. Ok, probably not.

Plus, did you notice how Jon Snow's face was placed side by side with the rest of his (dead) family? Either the Game of Thrones PR team is working really hard to convince us that Kit Harington isn't coming back, or there's going to be a lot of heart-broken fans come April.

Game of Thrones season 6 premieres on HBO on April 24, 2016 in the US, and on Sky Atlantic a day later in the UK.

Images: HBO

Lauren O'Callaghan

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