First blurry screen of Yun and Yang in Super Street Fighter IV and leak of C. Viper in Marvel vs. Capcom 3

While we were already 99% sure Yun and Yang we're coming to SSFIV, this blurry screen (Via Shoryuken) is the last 1%. It may not be much to look at, but it's the final nail in the coffin for all you R. Mika, Elena Eagle eyed fans have also picked out C. Viper in some silhouettes from MVC3's official site.

Above: Yun is knocked down in the left cabinet and Yang is partly visible on the right cabinet

SSFIV Producer Yoshinori Ono has built a reputation for leaking little tidbits on his Twitter account, and his most recent pic from the SSFIV arcade testing clearly shows the two blank spots on the character select screenfilled up with the two new characters. The left arcadecabinet shows aknocked downcharacter in clothesthat could only be Yun's, while the right cabinet shows an incredibly Yang like charater on the select screen.While the pic on the right is a little harder to make out, it's clear he's a Guy-styled character, and the only viable candidate for someone that looks like that is Yang.

Above: The pic breakdown from EventHubs

EventHubs has also run a story breaking down some new silhouettes that were posted to MVC3's official site. A clever reader quickly identified one of the silhouettes as C. Viper, matching up her SF4 art perfectly. C. Viper should be a good fit for MVC3, as she's oneof SFIV's most combo heavy characters.

While I'm fine with C. Viper in MVC3, I'm a little let down by Yun and Yang; interestingly enough we ranked Yun as one of Street Fighter's worst characters. While I don'tnecessarily agree withthe rest of the list (Dudley? Eff you Wilde!), I've gotta agree that Yun and Yang have always sort of felt like Street Fighter's equivalent to Poochie the Rappin Dog: "We're two cool kung-fu bros with sweet baseball caps who shred around Shanghai when we're not kicking butt! EXTREME!". The upside is that the game is definitely getting new characters, which means if they sell well (no way will these be free), we can probablly expect more, lessX-TREME characters.

Sep 3 , 2010

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