The worst Street Fighter characters ever

We'll be honest - most of these characters are from the Street Fighter III series. The games introduced a 12-year-old's sketch book worth of extraordinarily absurd bogeymen and we'll never forgive them. Okay, maybe we will, but we're still going to point and laugh.

Of course, not all of Capcom's bizarre deviations occurred in SF III - there's plenty of awful character design in the series to ridicule, and we've collected the best of the worst for you to peruse.

Don't get us wrong - we love Street Fighter, check outsome of this week's other retrospectives (opens in new tab)for proof!


An elite British boxer roughly patterned after famous fist-fighter Jack Johnson, Dudley makes his entrance in SF III in search of a stolen antique car, further perpetuating the harmful stereotype that British people love antique cars.

Above: "Pardon me, sir, do you fancy a ruck? Oh bollocks, I've forgotten the Grey Poupon!"


Again,a character sourced from a real person - Andre the Giant. Not a bad resemblance, excepting the bulbous Scandinavian sausage fingers. He can at least be remembered as the character with the most descriptive name - it probably took five Tequila shots and a creative mind on par with Da Vinci's to come up with this one.

Above: Yep, Hugo is pretty huge. Clever.


You would think that being a Kung-fu master, skateboarding, and wearing a hat would make you cool. Actually it makes you look like a complete tool. Weird.

Above: Radical!

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