The worst Street Fighter characters ever

Street Fighter’s obligatory Native American debuted in Super Street Fighter II, and promptly began running around with his arms out making machine gun noises, apparently playing “fighter jet.” Someone is going to be tuckered out tonight!



“Know what would be a good idea? If there was this one character, who was like, a genetic mutant, and he looked like Casper, and, dude, this game is going to be so good. Uh oh, I gotta go, thanks for letting me design your game, Capcom!”

Above: The only character named for the age of his designer


What do you do when you want your character to seem more mysterious? Name him a letter, preferably ‘Q,’ ‘X,’ or ‘Z,’ slap a mask on his face, toss in a film noir inspired trench coat and hat, and voilà, instant mysteriousity! Now if only he walked likeMichael Jackson...

Above: "'Cause this is thrilleeeeeer, thrilleeeeeer night!"