The worst Street Fighter characters ever

Here isa man who's comfortable with the practices of the ancient Olympics, spray-on tans, and kidnapping children.Yes, that's right, he kidnaps children and hides them between the folds of his abs. We aren't making this stuff up. Except for the part about the abs.

Above: "What? What? You don't like my banana hammock?"


Gill is Urien's older brother. He has the same sprite as Urien, butthere is a way to tell them apart!We know, it's subtle, but look closely. Get it? That's right, Gill has different hair.

Above: The emperor of kinky mansion parties, maybe

Juli and Juni

Hey look, it's Cammy, and... Cammy, only different. They're all clones of M. Bison, so it's only natural that they would all look the same. No really.Do you know how manyanimation framesneed to be drawnto bring these characters to life? Like, a lot, so back off.

Above: "No... you mean... I'm just a... tacked-on character?"