Final Fantasy 16 actor says he's heard rumor of an announcement, everyone gets excited for a DLC reveal

Final Fantasy 16 protagonist Clive conjures up a magic fireball
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 16 players are getting their hopes up for a DLC reveal this month off the back of an actor's tweet.

Over the last few days, Yuuya Uchida, who voices protagonist Clive in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy 16, said he'd heard rumor of some sort of announcement coming for the game in December. Uchida doesn't offer up any other information about what he's heard, but adds that he's racing to actually finish Final Fantasy 16 before the rumored announcement arrives.

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Obviously, this is giving Final Fantasy 16 players hope that the announcement could be for something DLC-shaped. A lot of people are speculating some sort of reveal could happen next week at The Game Awards 2023 on December 7, and it's worth pointing out that Final Fantasy 16 has been involved with Geoff Keighley-led events in the past.

Square Enix dropped the story-centric trailer for Final Fantasy 16, which you can see just below, last year at The Game Awards 2022. Last we heard, two paid-for DLC packs were in the works for Final Fantasy 16 back in September, so we're not even three months removed from the initial announcement of DLC being in development. 

Since then, in fact, we've actually heard nothing about the two Final Fantasy 16 DLC packs. Producer Naoki Yoshida managed to go an entire Final Fantasy 14 FanFest in London in October without fielding a single question about the DLC packs, which was probably just the way he wanted it.

Speaking of the producer, Yoshida previously mentioned that he'd love a DLC starring Cid, who sort of became the loveable rogue of the game's cast. That was months before the actual DLC announcement though, so it's very unclear if Yoshida will actually get his wish.

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