Naoki Yoshida would love a Final Fantasy 16 DLC starring Cid

Final Fantasy 16
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 16's producer would love a DLC starring Cid, and who wouldn't?

To recap the strange saga of Final Fantasy 16 DLC briefly, the development team said there wouldn't be any expansions of any sort earlier this year, before the game launched. Last week, though, producer Naoki Yoshida said Square Enix was paying attention to the overwhelming demand for more content, and hoped to deliver something for hopeful players.

Now, Yoshida has been asked who he'd make a playable character outside of protagonist Clive Rosfield, and he has an inspired answer. In the interview below with Kakuchopurei, Yoshida reveals he'd make sidekick Cid a playable character in a hypothetical DLC, an answer which we're sure will be met with resounding enthusiasm by players around the world.

"He is such an interesting character with his complex life and background story," Yoshida says of Cid. "This is not a business decision, but more a personal and creative decision to make him playable in a future content update," the Final Fantasy 16 producer continues.

Cid has become absolutely beloved by players since Final Fantasy 16 launched last month, not just because American players are fascinated by his Yorkshire accent. The brilliant tones of actor Ralph Ineson have truly propelled the character to new heights, there's no doubt about that.

Yoshida was also asked in the interview above about who he'd hypothetically make playable as a new Eikonic summon. The producer answered Alexander, theorizing that it'd be cool if Clive could fast forward or reverse time, and even visit Alexander in Rosalith Castle. We're sure that'd sent Square Enix's developers back to the drawing board for another five years or so.

Final Fantasy 16 players were celebrating a new patch last week that finally added the long-requested motion blur settings. 

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