Final Fantasy 14 actor was "determined to not step away" from the MMO after finding fame in Netflix's Bridgerton: "The writing is almost Shakespearean"

G'raha Tia looks distantly in a trailer for Final Fantasy 14 Stormblood
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Actor Jonathon Bailey was "determined" to continue voicing a beloved Final Fantasy 14 character, even after finding international fame.

Bailey is best known for his on-screen roles in Netflix's Bridgerton and the upcoming Wicked adaptations, but years before his breakout performances, the actor voiced the fan-favorite cat boy G'raha Tia in Final Fantasy 14 Stormblood. And now, he doesn't plan on parting with the character any time soon. 

"I'm aware of how important this character is to so many people," Bailey says in an interview with Bafta. "I was so determined to not step away from this character that, when I was doing [theater show] Company, I had to record this in the day for about a week while doing eight shows at night." 

The arduous schedule meant that Bailey's tongue eventually inflamed, but he seemed to think it was worth the sacrifice. "For any diehard fans out there, if there's a few hours of playing where I sound a bit lispy, that's because of that," Bailey continues. "So I apologize." 

Bailey is set to play the character once again in this year's upcoming Dawntrail expansion, partly because of community affection for G'raha Tia, but also because he thinks the "writing is almost Shakespearean." Bailey even took time in the interview to recall one notable line: "We'll travel the lands, cross the seas, and take to the skies upon the eternal wind, and it will be magnificent."

"I mean, it's amazing," Bailey says. "He's a sort of very open, adoring, playful companion to the player."

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