Fifty of our favourite SF t-shirts

In issue 184 of SFX, five members of the team select their personal favourites from the vast array of SF and fantasy-themed t-shirts available to buy online. But we found so many great designs during our researches that we wanted to share more of them with you, so here's another fifty (yes, we know we said it'd be thirty in the mag, but when deciding which twenty of these to drop was just too difficult!)

Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya...
Price: $17.00
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This is a zoom in on this Princess Bride design, which fits over your heart like one of those name badges some unfortunate people in retail are forced to wear.

The Nova
Price: $22.00
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Galactica fans may find this schematic equally familiar. We’d recommend this Deathstar tee too, but sadly it’s out of stock in all sizes at the moment.

Colonial Viper squadron
Price: £16.99
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Here's the t-shirt: now all you need is the cigar, the ginormous tattoos, and the stupid call-sign, like "Fishslice" or "Doughnut" or summat.

Sylar stole my brain
Price: $25.00
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There are more tasteful Heroes tees available from the NBC site (including various ones featuring Tim Sale’s paintings and 9th Wonders artwork ), but we prefer this one. Sadly it's only in stock in an extra-large at the moment.

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