FIFA 18 legends coming to PS4 as 'Icons', Brazil's Ronaldo first confirmed

FIFA Ultimate Team legends are no longer exclusive to Xbox One, with EA today revealing that 'Icons' are headed to the PS4 and PC versions of FIFA 18, in addition to the Microsoft version.

The first name revealed is three-times world player of the year Ronaldo. That's Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima rather than Cristiano – similar legendary status, very different current-day waistline.

Expect those past greats already in the series such as Raul, Rivaldo and Marco van Basten to be confirmed for all formats at a later date.

Cleverly, EA has seen fit to combine The Two Ronnies into one special edition, which is already available to pre-order. Doing so gets you both Ronaldos on loan for five games, eight exclusive kits including one designed by Bloc Party, and other incentives, such as three days early access. You can compare the various editions at the official FIFA 18 website.

FIFA 18's release date is confirmed as 29 September.

Expect many more details to emerge from EA Play in Los Angeles this weekend. In the meantime, check out the 11 key changes FIFA 18 needs to make according to fans.

Ben Wilson

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