Far Cry 5 DLC Hours of Darkness will take you to the heart of Vietnam on June 5

The first piece of Far Cry 5 DLC, Hours of Darkness, will take players to the midst of the Vietnam War when it arrives for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on June 5. But you don't need to wait that long to get your first look - the teaser trailer is available for viewing right now:

You'll play as Wendell 'Red' Redler, who in the base game is a Vietnam veteran that gives you the lighter-hunting side mission "What They Carried" (a reference to the Tim O'Brien novel "The Things They Carried"). Hours of Darkness will take you back to Red's days in the war, as he fights to save his squadmates from Viet Cong forces and get back home.

Upon completion of the DLC, Hours of Darkness will also unlock two new modes: Survivor Mode, where you'll have a limited loadout to make things more challenging, and Action Movie Mode, where weapons and ammo are plentiful. Basically, you can play this out like the video game adaptation of The Deer Hunter or Rambo: First Blood Part 2, whichever you prefer.

Interestingly, by tying the DLC to Red, this means that Hours of Darkness actually connects to the main Far Cry 5 story, at least to a small degree. So is Ubisoft likewise going to tie in the upcoming Lost on Mars and Dead Living Zombies DLC, which has you shooting up alien bugs and the undead, respectively?

Guess we'll find out soon: Hours of Darkness launches June 5, while Lost on Mars and Dead Living Zombies arrive this July and August. Until then, why not check out some handy Far Cry 5 tips or just learn how to get the best Far Cry 5 guns for hire?

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Sam Prell

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