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Far Cry 3 memory card locations guide

There are 34 outposts on Rook Island that you can liberate from the enemy pirates, but only 20 of them will have the memory cards needed within them. To be able to access the memory cards, the outpost will need to be liberated so that you can enter the safe house and use the laptop computer where it is located. Aside from all the drug mumbo jumbo that each card will inform you about, each of the memory cards will also net you $250, so you may want to kill a shark or two and get yourself a bigger wallet beforehand. To save you from having to liberate each and every one of the outposts, hoping that there is a memory card inside—and to save you some money from having to buy all the maps, we have listed where each card can be found, and which of the outposts you’ll need to free.

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