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Far Cry 3 path of the hunter missions guide

To get the best items that you can craft, you’ll need to hunt down some rare animals and take their skin. To find these animals, you’ll need to complete the Path of the Hunter quests that can be found at various outposts on the two islands. For almost each and every one of the quests, to make them infinitely easier, make sure you are stocked up on Hunters Instinct and Animal Repellant syringes. In each quest, you’ll need to use the weapons provided and then head to the designated area where the animals can be found.

For just about every quest, go to the specified area, use the Hunters Instinct to spot the animal, and then use Animal Repellant as you approach it. As long as the Animal Repellent is active, the animals will not be able to hurt you, making these quests a cake walk. Of course, if you are the sporting type and like a real challenge, you won’t use the Animal Repellent, and you’ll wear the blood of your prey as a badge of victory. Below we have a description of each quest, the reward received, and what crafting item you can create with your poached goods.

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