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Far Cry 3 path of the hunter missions guide

North Island Missions [Part 2]

Location: Cradle Gas Outpost

Kill Rare Bear with Shotgun

Rare Animal – Undying Bear

Reward: $275, Extended Rucksack

ZOMBIE BEAR! OK, not really. To find the bear, go to the marked area and enter the cave on the side of the cliff. When you enter, you will find the bear along with loads of cash and some of the bear’s victims. Once you kill it, you will then be able to use its skin to create the awesome Extended Rucksack.

Location: Rust Yard Outpost

Kill Rare Tapir with Bow

Rare Animal –White Belly Tapir

Reward: $225, Extended Munitions Pouch

When you reach the area where you can find the Tapir, there will be more than a few gathered together. Use your camera to scope out the Tapir that has the rear half of its body white and then go in for the kill. Once you take it down, you will then be able to craft the Extended Munitions Pouch.

Location: Amanaki Outpost

Kill 5 Rabid Dogs with Shotgun

Reward: $175

This is a rather quick mission and the payment for it reflects that. All you need to do is pick up the shotgun and hunt down 5 rabid dogs within the small area with it.

Location: Valsa Docks Outpost

Kill 5 Deer with Sniper Rifle

Reward: $200

For this mission, there will be plenty of deer to choose from, but before you start opening fire on them, tag as many deer as you can with your camera so when they start to scatter after taking down the first, the rest will be easy to find.

Location: Mosquito Yard Outpost

Kill Rare Tiger with Bow

Rare Animal – Golden Tiger

Reward: $250, Extended Ammo Pouch

Much like the Black Panther, you will need to kill the Golden Tiger with a bow. Use the Animal Repellant syringe and you can basically walk right up to it, pet it, and then put some bolts in its pretty hide. Once you skin it, you will then be able to craft the Extended Ammo Pouch.

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