Fantasy Life Shop Guide

Port Puerto

The shops in Port Puerto are distributed across districts, as you'll find with the larger towns, but the content of the shops isn't as neatly divided up as in Castele. Materials, weapons and groceries can be picked up in Port Puerto Marina, along with a bar selling food and drink. To the South is a bar on the beach that sells drinks and accessories, and to the North of the Marina is Palace Way where you buy furniture, clothes, tools, general goods, materials and food.

Port Puerto Palace Way

Snoot's Emporium

Snoot's Emporium Super Secret Shop

When you beat the game and reach a minimum level of 30, pop upstairs in Snoot's Emporium to gain access to Snoot's not-so-secret emporium.

Port Puerto Fine Furnishings

Angler's Association Angler Life Shop

Expect to find exclusive items for sale here if you've reached Master rank as an Angler.

Baste's Tailor Life Shop

You'll find Baste in Madam Pearl's House. I don't know how or why a parrot was left in charge when Madam Pearl has a human apprentice right there, but good for him I guess. His inventory will be extended for Tailors of Master rank.

Port Puerto Fashion Boutique

Cocina Rica Restaurant

Cocina Rica Restaurant Cook Life Store

It transpires that the Kindly Old Lady in the kitchens used to be Head Chef at Cocina Rica, but now she's relegated to selling condiments. And not even in front of house! Speak to her to access special items once you've reached Master rank as a Cook.

Port Puerto Marina




The Buttonhook

Blacksmith Supplies

Fine Woods and Leather

Material Wonders

Port Puerto Fine Arms

The Eyepatch and Cutlass

Port Puerto Beach

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