Fantasy Life Shop Guide

Al Maajik

The town of Al Maajik has its shops spread over 2 districts. Al Maajik Spelltown is where you can buy groceries and visit 2 Life shops, and Al Maajik Sandtown is where you can pick up crafting materials, clothes, furniture and visit The Watering Hole.

Al Maajik Spelltown

Merchant's Mercenary Life Store

This Merchant will sell additional items to Mercenaries of Master rank.

Instructor's Magician Life Shop

The Instructor can be found lurking near the back of Esmerelda's Academy of Magic and will additional items to Master rank Magicians.

Repository of Forbidden Books

In order to gain access to the hidden portion of the Al Maajik Library, you'll need to have completed the game and reached level 35. During the day you can buy the items listed below, and at night, you can visit and reset your stat points.




The Spice Rack

Al Maajik Sandtown

Al Maajik Fashion Boutique

Shady Shop Clerk

Al Maajik General Goods

Alchemist's Alchemist Life Shop

Head over to Professor Snooze's Laboratory on the East side of town to find the Alchemist inside. He'll hold more stock for Master Alchemists.

Furniture Shop

Al Maajik Fine Arms Weapons Clerk

Al Maajik Fine Arms Armour

Blacksmith Shop

Tailor's Shop

Carpenter's Shop

The Watering Hole

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