Fantasy Life Shop Guide


The shops in Castele are spread over 3 districts. Foodstuffs can be found in the Shopping District to the West, finished items like weapons, furniture and clothes are located in Castele Square at the centre, and materials for crafting can be bought in the Artisan's District to the East. If you're planning to invest a lot of time in crafting and mastering the related Lifes, buying a house this side of town will be extremely handy.

Castele Square

Castele Fine Arms

Goodwood's Furniture Shop

Castele Fashion Boutique

Castele General Goods

Castele Shopping District




The Crown

Alfredo's Bistro

Castele Artisan's District

The Buttonhook

Ores and Mine

Fine Woods and Leather

Material Wonders

Appleseed Cafe

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