Famous movie locations spotted in GTA IV

The Show: King of Queens is an American TV series that follows Doug Heffernan, a Queens delivery driver. Doug and his wife are enjoying a good life and everything is going well until, much to the annoyance of Doug, his wife’s father moves into their home. Yes we know it’s not a movie but the comparison shots were too good to leave out.

Real-life location: Columbus Circle, Broadway, Manhattan.

King of Queens has featured guest appearances from such well known stars as Huey Lewis, Kirstie Alley, Burt Reynolds, Donny Osmond, Adam Sandler, William Hurt and Ben Stiller.

The Film: A Romantic Comedy without Hugh Grant!? Maybe this one will be…..oh wait, no it follows the same predictable path as the rest of them.

Real-life location: New York City, New York.

Director Donald Petrie is also responsible for Just My Luck, starring Lindsay Lohan and Miss Congeniality which starred Sandra Bullock.

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