Famous movie locations spotted in GTA IV

The Film: The French Connection follows two New York City cops as they try to intercept a large shipment of heroin that is being smuggled in from France. This shot is taken from what is often said to be one of the greatest car chases ever committed to film. A chase that can be relived in GTA IV during “The Puerto Rican Connection” mission.

Real-life location: Bensonhurst Elevated Railway, Brooklyn.

The real life French Connection, a massive drug smuggling operation, on which this film is based began in the early 60s and continued for a decade.

The Film: Two Weeks Notice is the kind of film you’re forced to watch by your girlfriend because ‘it makes them happy’. It’s a romantic comedy starring Hugh ‘I’m always acting wimpy but eventually I’ll get the girl, because that’s what happens in all of my films’ Grant and Sandra Bullock.

Real-life location: Brooklyn Bridge.

Because of the film's contribution to New York City, December 11 2002 was named Two Weeks Notice Day by the Mayor of NYC.

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