Fallout 76's next update will add more stash space and an AFK timer

Fallout 76 version will arrive tomorrow, Tuesday, December 4, with a raft of changes in tow. The headlining change is a 50 percent buff to stash space, which is being raised to 600 pounds. This will make it much easier to hang onto your stuff, and Bethesda says it's planning "to increase the storage cap further in the future once we've verified this change does not impact the stability of the game." 

Another key change is way down at the bottom of the patch notes: an AFK timer which will automatically kick you from your current server if you're idle for 10 minutes. A one-minute warning will pop up before you're kicked, but you'll still want to keep track of any AFK time. Better rush that bathroom break, lest you lose any hard-earned workshops or - gulp - be forced to re-queue into your friend's server. 

The update will squash a variety of bugs, including infinite loading screens on console, framerate-driven movement speed on PC, and duplicate perk cards being awarded when ranking up a card. You can read the full patch notes here

Another update is also planned for next Tuesday, December 11. This will add the highly requested ability to reallocate SPECIAL points, albeit one at a time and only after reaching level 50. It will also make building and maintaining a camp much easier: if your camp footprint is occupied when you log in, you'll have the option to switch servers instead of automatically storing and blueprinting your camp. In the same vein, the camp builder is getting a "bulldozer" feature that will let you "remove small trees, rocks, and other obstructions" to make it easier to place your camp. 

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