Fall Guys season 4 teaser reveals a new stage and futuristic obstacles

Fall Guys
(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Fall Guys season 4 is traveling to the year 4041, and Mediatonic is showing off some of the futuristic obstacles and mechanics coming in the new season's seven levels.

The Fall Guys Twitter account shared a 24-second teaser for the upcoming Skyline Stumble stage which features "Low Gravity Zones, Forcefields, Flippity Bippities, Chonky Buttons, and Spicy Light Swingers" - and here I was thinking that Spicy Light Swingers was an adults-only parody of Hyper Light Drifter. Sorry, my mistake.

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The Low Gravity Zones look like they'll introduce a brand new element of chaos into the world of Fall Guys, letting you leap several times higher than normal while falling gently with a good amount of air control - like a bean on the wind. The Forcefields and Chonky Buttons are pretty self explanatory, but the Spicy Light Swingers are giant hard-light jump ropes and the Flippity Bippities are great big pinball flippers (which were named by the community on Twitter earlier this week).

We still don't know the release date for the next season of Fall Guys, but we do know when we're going to find out: a reveal trailer is scheduled to arrive on March 15, and Mediatonic plans to start doubling Fame Points at that point as well. That means the season switch over likely won't be far behind, judging by past transitions.

This will be the first new season to launch since we learned that the Fall Guys studio is being purchased by Epic Games, joining the same group behind Fortnite and Rocket League.

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