Fall Guys Season 4 is bringing beans into the future

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Fall Guys Season 4 is taking your favorite sentient jelly beans into the future, according to a teaser posted to the official Fall Guys Twitter account.

And we're not just talking the near future - Fall Guys Season 4 is going to the year 4041, two thousand and twenty years ahead. From the brief trailer video - which is more GIF than trailer - it's clear that there will be some '80s neon vibes during this season. There's also a rocket, robot, and planet emoji, so I wouldn't be surprised if we get some sick, new futuristic skins - Pac-Man or Tron tie-in, guys?

We've no idea what kind of shows to expect when Fall Guys Season 4 drops, but the retro futuristic theme means we'll have some slick new visuals that feel like an '80s arcade game. Fall Guys is putting on a contest to celebrate the announcement of the next season, simply follow and retweet the above tweet and finish the sentence "#FallGuysSeason4 is." The winner will get 20 crowns each - and there's 20 slots up for grabs, so hop to it and get creative.  

There's no set start date for Fall Guys Season 4, but we do know that the seasons usually last about two months, with Season 3 lasting the longest so far, prompting a mid-season 3.5 update. I'd expect Fall Guys Season 4 to drop very soon, but as soon as we get a set date we'll update you accordingly. 

If this has got you hyped but you haven't had a chance to get into the jelly bean competition, don't fret. Fall Guys is finally coming to Xbox - and we recently got a Fall Guys Nintendo Switch release window

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