Fall Guys Nintendo Switch release window revealed

Fall Guys Nintendo Switch
(Image credit: Mediatonic)

The Fall Guys Nintendo Switch release window has been confirmed during today's Nintendo Direct.

The battle royale sensation will be launching on Nintendo's console this summer, with no exact release date given during the show.

During the livestream, we got our first glimpse of Mediatonic's delightful gameshow-inspired chaotic action on the Nintendo Switch, with our favorite little guys fighting over the Nintendo Switch that's now hosting their Ultimate Knockouts. It's the sort of tongue-in-cheek humor that captures the spirit of the game so well.

There's no word yet on whether Fall Guys will be cross-platform, although considering that it isn't at the moment, it may remain that you can only play on the console you own it on. On top of that, you'll also need to have a Nintendo Switch Online membership to play online.

If you're yet to sample Fall Guy's frantic charms, the game sees you and a whole host of Jelly bean-shaped characters trying to be the one last standing across a variety of different minigames. Whether it's braving the slippery challenges of Slime Climb or the vanishing platforms of Hex-A-Gone, Fall Guys has earned its reputation as one of the best gameshow-inspired battle royales as well.

Okay, it's not got a huge amount of competition for that title, but you can discover why we love it when it launches this summer for Nintendo Switch.

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