Fall Guys season 3 trailer debuts and it is concentrated holiday joy

The first Fall Guys season 3 trailer debuted at The Game Awards, and it's precious seasonal joy to cap off an otherwise un-merry year.

The trailer is our first extended look at the festive new season, which is properly titled Fall Guys: Winter Knockout. Granted, it isn't actual gameplay, but it is still quite evocative, especially all the parts where the Fall Guys fall off the levels. I personally identify with that quite a bit. And how can you argue with a good "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" cover?

Developer Mediatonix has previously teased little looks at what's coming next for the online multiplayer phenomenon, including a set of four costumes and teases for a new mode where you play keepaway with a little robot penguin. The studio has been teasing its part in The Game Awards for a while, and this appearance did not disappoint.

Fall Guys recently broke the 11 million sales milestone, and that's just on PC where it was never available as a free PS Plus game. It's officially the most-downloaded PS Plus title of all time, and 545 million of the clumsy little bean people were eliminated in the month of September alone.

While we're waiting for the next season to begin on December 15, Mediatonix is still keeping the game fresh with teases for a Fall Guys Doom skin.

We celebrated Fall Guys in our very own Golden Joystick Awards, where it took home the trophy for both the Best Family Game and Best Multiplayer Game.

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