Fall Guys medieval levels will show up more often in new update

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Mediatonic has released a new Fall Guys patch that adds the new Slime Survivors playlist and addresses a couple of key complaints from season 2, including a common issue where players weren't seeing the new medieval stages show up enough in playlists.

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Fall Guys season 2 went live earlier this month and brought along a number of changes, key among them is a new medieval theme with themed costumes and new stages. There's also a new costume randomization feature, nameplate customization, and the ability to let you skip team games. Naturally, with so much new stuff there's bound to be some issues, and the community can use this handy tracker (opens in new tab) to report new problems. Mediatonic seems quick to patch in fixes, as in addition to making medieval stages more common, the new update also makes it so Nicknames and Nameplates appear less often in the regular store section.

The new Slime Survivors Show playlist is also live now, and don't worry - it isn't just Slime Climb back-to-back. Slime Survivors groups together all of the game's Survival rounds, meaning once you fall you're immediately out for good. Starting the new show you'll be thrown into a mixture of Block Party, Slime Climb, and Roll Out, and if you make it far enough you'll face off against the remaining finalists in either Hex-A-Gone or Jump Showdown.

If you want to increase your chances of making it to the end and eventually earning yourself a coveted Crown, don't miss our essential Fall Guys tips.

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