Fall Guys is teasing a Season 3 reveal

Fall Guys
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Fall Guys developers are teasing a Season 3 reveal and are getting the community involved with a puzzling task.

A new tweet from the official Twitter account suggests that Mediatonic are planning on revealing Fall Guys Season 3 very soon. Fall Guys is getting the community involved by asking for 300 volunteers for “Operation: Jig Sawus”, who all need to retweet, follow and reply to the post, and then check their direct messages. It seems that the volunteers will be sent a puzzle of some kind that will help figure out what the surprise could be.

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Mediatonic’s official Twitter account also posted a similar Tweet but this time it was more cryptic, it said, “You may have seen some rumours over on @ FallGuysGame. Are you ready to solve the #FallGuysSeason3 #JigSawus..? Well, you’ll be needing this.” Attached is an image with pastel colours and some shapes and it looks to be taken from the puzzle. 

One theory we have is that the 300 randomly selected volunteers will be sent a puzzle piece image that will then have to be pieced together to bring the reveal to life. To solidify this theory, Twitter user ‘Phrife’ posted a puzzle piece which they received showing a glimpse of what looks to be a purple creature, perhaps a tease of a new Fall Guys skin or the theme of the next season.  

Avid Fall Guys fans seem to be enjoying the activity, with hundreds of people replying to the original Tweet wanting to get involved. We might get a Season 3 reveal sooner than expected.

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