Facebook future-proofs Oculus Quest 2 with new 128GB model

Oculus Quest 2
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Facebook has launched a new entry-level Oculus Quest 2 VR headset today, doubling storage from 64GB to 128GB and maintaining a $299 price point. The new model also features the new silicone face cover, replacing the previous foam material recalled last month. 

Facebook is prepping its flagship headset for future experiences here. It's likely that, as VR development grows, we'll be seeing much larger experiences hitting the Oculus Store in coming years, with download sizes that may outgrow the original 64GB model. 

The new 128GB device will replace the previous 64GB version and is currently available at a range of retailers.

The Oculus Quest 2 hasn't been on the shelves for a month, following a recall over the foam insert that covers the faceplate. Some users reported skin irritation from the removable cushion, causing Facebook to stop selling its VR headset at the end of July. If you currently have an older model, Facebook will send you a replacement silicone insert for free - head to the 'My Devices' section in your account menu.

Do we need a 128GB Oculus Quest 2?

Games and apps on the Oculus store max out at around 3GB in size, which means a 64GB model (50GB of free space) would hold between 15 and 20 'experiences'. That's not too shabby for an entry-level device in 2021, and would likely still serve users well over the next year or so. 

However, we've already seen a jump in file sizes throughout the Quest's lifetime. The original 2019 headset launched alongside games taking up mere MBs of space. Journey of the Gods hit at just 970MB, and larger titles like Dance Central VR still only reached 2.2GB. Skip ahead to 2020 and The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners appears with a whopping 9GB install size. 

With titles like Half-Life: Alyx pushing more detailed experiences into the VR world, Facebook is keen to keep its customers buying from its own store and resisting the premium delights of devices like the HTC Vive Pro 2. That means removing the need to connect to a Steam library for larger games that the 64GB model simply couldn't handle.

So, while we may not need a 128GB Oculus Quest 2 right now, it's likely that we will in the next couple of years. Such a move suggests that Facebook sees VR development continuing to dip its toe into larger experiences, and wants more of the pie when such titles do land.

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