EXCLUSIVE Mafia II screens

Yesterdaywe unveiled assortedmeaty bits regarding what Mafia II was bringing to the checker-clothed table. So as we continue to squeal details like a yellow rat, how's 'bout someEXCLUSIVE screensofMafia II's gameplay and environments. We're of the opinion that these mobster muscle-cars are the absolute bee's knees, butgangland gamers should note that they'rein for a considerably faster experience than the early-auto era found in theoriginal Mafia.

Above: Because it wouldn't be a crime caper if you couldn't point your cannon at the flat-footed coppers.

The developers arequick to point out that Mafia II is far more than just a love song to our favorite %26lsquo;40s/%26rsquo;50s gangster sagas. But damned if these shots aren't enough to get classic film fans feeling... connected. For instance, does anyone else find the shot belowwonderfully reminiscent of the early days of Henry Hill?

Above: "I thought I%26rsquo;d go from rags to riches..."

Don't be afraid toclick herefor more images. And check back with us tomorrow for our full blown preview.

Apr 8, 2008