Everyone’s favorite Marvel character, X-23 coming to Marvel vs. Capcom 3 [VIDEO]

In what's sure to be the biggest news from this, or any year's, Tokyo Game show, Capcom has confirmed that legendary Marvel character X-23 will be playable in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Let’s be honest, we all love X-23. I’m sure we all have stories from our childhood about literally running to our local comic shop, allowance in hand, to go get the latest issue of “The Amazing X-23”, but let’s save them for the comments. For those unfortunate souls who grew up in North Korea or on the Moon, here’s a quick rundown of Marvel Comics’ most original, endearing character:

Created for the X-Men: Evolution TV series, she later showed up in NYX#3 and her own miniseries, the brilliantly titled “X-23”.She is essentially a clone of Wolverine, but because the original Weapon X genetic sample is damaged, specifically the Y chromosome, the clone can only succeed as a female. After she’s successfully cloned, she’s given the exact same Adamantium coating and crappy treatment Wolvie got, activating her regenerative powers. Unfortunately since she was designed to be a weapon, she was programmed to react to a “trigger scent” that sends her into uncontrollable berserker frenzy, making her unreliable at times to say the least.

The latest addition to the Marvel roster looks like she’ll be able to create a lot of horizontal pressure with her rushing moves and aerial pressure with her dive kick. Her damage scaling also seems like to be very high, as she makes very short work of opponents with only one or two combos.Most interesting is her strange super move where she says “Dirt Nap” and then vanishes. After the move is executed, X-23 vanishes completely from the screen, leaving no idicator of where she might be. A second later she appears out of nowhere and dramatically attacks Cap, finishing her super combo for big damage. Is she controllable during the invisible period? Can assist moves be used while she’s invisible? Is it strictly a counter? I WANT ANSWERS CAPCOM!

Capcom's other TGS trailer gives everyone their first look at fan favorite Tron Bonne in action. Her moveset looks almost identical to what it was in MVC2, though her character model seems much bigger than it was before. Fortunately she's still rolling with her Servbot goons, and her awesome "Lunchtime!" special attackis back;even the son of Odin is defenseless against a mass of hungry Servbots.

Sep 16, 2010

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