Every Extend Extra headed to Xbox 360

Q Entertainment, bestknown for the PSP hit, Lumines, has officially announced they will be bringing Every Extend Extra to Xbox Live Arcade. This version will feature the usual Live Arcade bells and whistles: online multiplayer, Achievements, leaderboards and customized sountracks in case all that clubbing music isn't your thing.

Beginning its life as a freeware offering called Every Extend, the trance-heavy shooter was ported to the PSP last year under the moniker Every Extend Extra. Fans of alliteration will be happy to know that the transition to Xbox Live Arcade has earned the game a new E-word in its title, as this version will be known as Every Extend Extra Extreme.

No release date has been announced, but Q Entertainment's press release does offer a vague gesture in the direction of "later this year."

March 6, 2007