EverQuest: The Serpent's Spine

Players still caught in the iron grip of EverQuest will rejoice at today's announcement of a fresh expansion that not only raises the level cap, but introduces the Drakkin - an entirely new player race.

A new race is something that hasn't been seen in EverQuest for over three years. In a last desperate measure to save their dying race, dragons bred with humans to protect their future, and created the Drakkin. These half-breeds mature extremely quickly and match the appearance of the dragons that sired them.

The world will expand high into the Serpent Spine Mountains, where players will find the long-abandoned, ancient city of Ogres called Crescent Reach, now home to the Drakkin. While all Drakkin adults make a pilgrimage to Crescent Reach to find their creators and the rest of their kind, the city promises new quests and items for all adventurers.

The Serpent's Spine Mountains will contain areas suitable for players of all ability, but only the toughest will survive the dangers that will advance them up through level 75. Notably, the expansionwillbe available only via download in September, not in stores, and the EverQuest base game is required to play it.

July 11, 2006