Even The Day Before's community moderators aren't sure if the game is real

The Day Before
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Concerns about The Day Before have escalated after the lead moderator of the game's Discord server revealed that they're not even sure if it's real anymore. 

As shared by Skill Up on Twitter, a user known as 'Wholf' - who acts as the lead moderator of The Day Before's Discord server - has revealed that they're now unsure if the game is real or not. According to the screenshots featured below, Wholf shared in the Discord earlier today: "Those who wonder if the game is real, I'm wondering the same thing right now."

In a separate message, the moderator then revealed that "nobody saw the gameplay", apparently referring to the other moderators of the server and the "raw gameplay footage" we were promised last week. This has confused things even more as that very same user was the one who shared the news of a new trailer in the Discord server just a few days ago. 

The game's Discord server is probably the least of Fntastic's worries right now, as earlier today, The Day Before vanished from Steam. Initially, the developer claimed that this was due to a "minor technical difficulty" on Valve's end, however, it was later revealed that The Day Before was getting delayed by nine months because someone else trademarked its name. 

The gameplay trailer we were promised is apparently still on the way though. As revealed by the developer on Twitter, the studio just needs to "consult with lawyers" before publishing it. Understandably, this has resulted in fans running out of patience for The Day Before, but to be fair, a lot of fans became skeptical about the project when it was announced that Fntastic was looking for "volunteers" to help with The Day Before development

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