The Day Before Steam page didn't go down because of a bug, but a copyright claim

The Day Before
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Update: Developer Fntastic has confirmed that The Day Before's Steam page was actually taken down as the result of a copyright claim against the game from an unrelated individual who had trademarked the title.

A lengthy Twitter statement confirms the cause, and a nine-month delay for the title, which is moving from a March release date to November 10.

Original story: The Day Before has seemingly vanished from Steam, and the developers are assuring panicked fans that it's due to a "minor technical difficulty."

At the time of writing, trying to access the Steam page for the ambitious zombie MMO redirects to Steam's homepage. Furthermore, if you check studio Fntastic's Steam developer page, The Day Before is nowhere to be found. Naturally, the game's subreddit was quick to notice its absence and there was a brief period of complete hysteria before Fntastic jumped in to clarify that, don't worry, its game definitely exists.

According to the developers, the reason The Day Before isn't showing up on Steam is simply due to complications related to the platform's weekly maintenance period. 

"We are currently experiencing a minor technical difficulty with our game's visibility on the Steam store page," reads a message from Fntastic on Steam. "This is a known bug that has affected multiple titles in the past. Please note that Steam regularly conducts maintenance on Tuesdays and this issue will likely be resolved during that time."

Somewhat tragically, the developers also pleaded with their own community not to harass them over what appears to be a harmless and temporary glitch.

"We kindly ask that you refrain from sending negative messages or joining in with the complaints of others. Rest assured that our game will be visible on the Steam store again once the maintenance is complete. Patience is key."

The Day Before is still scheduled to release on March 1.

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