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Evan Rachel Wood joins The Conspirator

Robert Redford is adding more cast members to his historical drama The Conspirator, with Evan Rachel Wood and Toby Kebbell already signed and shooting.

The film is based on the true events that followed the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and focuses on Mary Surratt, who was charged as an accomplice of killer John Wilkes Booth.

Robin Wright Penn is starring as Surratt while the reluctant lawyer who must defend her will be played by James McAvoy (seen below on set with bushy beard and decidedly non-period accurate bottled water).

Justin Long is also aboard, as McAvoy's best friend, a Civil War veteran missing an arm, while Wood will play Wright Penn's daughter and Control's Toby Kebbell takes a small role as Booth.

And there's also Tom Wilkinson as McAvoy's mentor, Rverdy Johnson (who also happened to be the former attorney general) Kevin Kline as Lincoln's war secretary, Edwin Stanton and Alexis Bledel as McAvoy's wife.

[Source: The Playlist ]

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