Eragon Cheats

A predictably hacky, slashy, sadly repetitive jaunt through a magical kingdom filled with swords and magic, with a little dragon riding on the side. The book has to be better.

Eragon Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Donut

    Secret Achievement

    Find Every Secret Egg to Unlock a Secret Achievement Worth 100 Gamerscore Points.

  • PS2 | Submitted by PIMP

    Dragon Egg Locations

    All Levels

    The Spine
    When you go across the edge while chasing the deer, look right and you'll see a ledge. Jump and you will find the egg.

    Just after you kill the soldier with your bow in the smithy, there is a wooden plank hanging off the ceiling. Climb it and keep going until you can climb up. The egg is up there.

    Daret Docks
    When you have climbed across the mast, instead of running up, keep on going and soon enough you will find the egg.

    Daret Town
    When you have knocked aside the wooden planks that fell from the ceiling, there is a balancing beam. When you get across you will see the egg.

    Daret Bridge
    When the bridge is knocked down and landed on that guy, and when you've jumped down from the next part of the bridge, go across to just before Eragon learns the fire arrow. When you jump down, you will see the egg.

    Ra'zac Chase
    When you reach the first massive opening, when you go around to the left, fly low so you can see everything. Just under the waterfall, the egg is waiting just in that.

    Run to the back of the arena, the egg is just near the rocks.

    Gil'ead City
    This one is tricky, but when you have opened the first gate, head left and climb the ledge. Run across until you fall on the ledge where the egg is.

    Gil'ead Keep
    When you have crossed the keep maze, go down on the other side of the maze and you will see the egg.

    Durza's Fortress
    The is quite tricky, but if you search every staircase of every level (I believe that is on one of the lower levels) you will find the egg.

    The Beor Mountains
    When you have crossed the bridge after fighting in the water, (when you have to call Saphira) and when you have reached the last spot, look up on the top of the cliff, the egg should be sitting right there.

    Urgal Encampment
    When you get to the place where you can use the spears with ur magic, go left and jump down the edge. Viola, there it is.

    Misty Gorge
    When you have finished the big fog bit, and uve reached the maze,look on the west side at the bottom. The egg is there.

    Urgal Attack
    Fly over one of the edges where the urgal arches fire at u, fly over them and the egg is in that section.

    Defend The Varden
    When you go across the massive bridge, go downstairs where the middle is, and there is the egg.

    Final Battle
    This is all up to chance, you just need to be on the look out for the egg coming at you. It could be at anytime that it comes so just be ready.

    Unlocking all of the eggs will let you have access to the making of Eragon. Also, it will let you go to the Throne Room and fight Durza's endless army.

  • DS | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlockable: Minigames

    Dragon Rider Clash - Fly through 30 rings in the dragon flight missions.
    Mind Touch - Unlocked after Eragon's first discussion with Saphira by drawing symbols on the screen.

  • PS2, Xbox 360, Xbox, PC | Submitted by TheNobleBreton

    Unlock Throne Room Level

    If you get a secret egg from every level, Then you will unlock the Throne Room Level. Here you will fight endlessly against Durza's forces.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    Carvahall - Hard (30) - Make it through the Carvahall level on Hard.
    Carvahall - Normal (20) - Make it through the Carvahall level on Normal.
    Daret Bridge - Hard (30) - Make it through the Daret Bridge level on Hard.
    Daret Bridge - Normal (20) - Make it through the Daret Bridge level on Normal.
    Daret Docks - Hard (30) - Make it through the Daret Docks level on Hard.
    Daret Docks - Normal (20) - Make it through the Daret Docks level on Normal.
    Daret Town - Hard (30) - Make it through the Daret Town level on Hard.
    Daret Town - Normal (20) - Make it through the Daret Town level on Normal.
    Gil'ead City - Hard (30) - Make it through the Gli'ead City level on Hard.
    Gil'ead City - Normal (20) - Make it through the Gli'ead City level on Normal.
    Gil'ead Keep - Hard (30) - Make it through the Gil'ead Keep level on Hard.
    Gil'ead Keep - Normal (20) - Make it through the Gil'ead Keep level on Normal.
    Ra'zac Chase - Hard (30) - Beat the Ra'zac Chase level on Hard.
    Ra'zac Chase - Normal (20) - Beat the Ra'zac Chase level on Normal.
    The Spine Mountains - Hard (30) - Make it through the Spine Mountains level on Hard.
    The Spine Mountains - Normal (20) - Make it through the Spine Mountains level on Normal.
    Trapped! - Hard (30) - Beat the Trapped! level on Hard.
    Trapped! - Normal (20) - Beat the Trapped! level on Normal.

Eragon Hints

  • DS | Submitted by Black_Hawke

    Make Eragon Stomp


    To make Eragon stomp on things or just in the air, you need to have the kick ability when you press the A button. Don't actually kick, just press the button down for a split second and... he kicks!

  • PS2 | Submitted by secret searcher

    Jump or Die

    In Eragon, a lot of times you find yourself about to die and surrounded by enemies. My friend and I discovered that by just repeatedly jumping up and down, the footsoldiers can't reach you and the archers can't aim - in other words your completely safe.

  • DS | Submitted by AirDragon90210

    Defeat The Ra'zac

    Near the Dragonrider's tower

    When fighting the Ra'zac, magic will not work on them! You need to use your sword, Zar'roc. When its health get down to halfway it will flee. Then you have to follow it and get it to Saphira, only her attacks will affect it at this time.

  • DS | Submitted by joe white

    Secret Sword

    dragon tower

    During your time in the dragon tower you will have to use a spell to stop three platforms moving. When you get to the second platform, stop it nearer the wall then you will see a ledge. Jump on the ledge and you will see a black dagger - pick it up and it will turn in to a very long sword and at the top of the screen it will say 'secret sword found'. Now you can use your new sword!

  • DS | Submitted by king of cake

    Kill Archers Without Getting Hurt


    When ever you go up to an Urgal Archer (and are trying to kill it), it shoots an arrow at you which damages your health. Even when you block and then try to get closer it hurts you. But there's an easy trick to kill it with out it hurting you. First, get, at least, 3 or more arrows. Then back away from the archer as far as you can, yet you can still see it. Notice it won't shoot you. After that, shoot it with your arrows 3 times and it will fall die.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Brett Crosby

    First Boss Battle

    The first time you face the warlock with red hair, it's almost impossible to defeat him. So here are some tips to take him down quick.

    1) As soon as the battle starts start wailing on him with A.
    2) Be careful, because he starts to wail back after a while.
    3) Every now and then Brom will get him tied up letting you do some serious damage on him.
    4) If you get tired of that, target him with your magic and hit X, it makes him catch on fire and he loses a lot of life.
    5) Near the end he will start floating inside a ball, when he does this start hitting on him or he will charge up and fire flaming swords at you, and they are impossible to dodge. You wont even get to completely kill him because after about 70% of his health is gone the battle ends with him shooting a lightning arrow at you and Brom dodging in front of you killing him, but no worries because Muttac comes to the rescue and to be your new partner.

  • PS2, Xbox 360, Xbox, PC | Submitted by ME

    Easy Kills

    When you are fighting anyone (if they have a shield, break it first by doing a jump slam (Y+B)) press any combination of A and B (ABB BAA ABA BAB) until you have the enemy in a grab, then tap A until he is dead.

    Also, if you are near a cliff or something the enemy can fall off of, do a jump slam and the enemy will most likely fall off.

  • PS2, Xbox 360, Xbox, PC | Submitted by DogsRule

    Beating Durza In The Sky (Final Level)

    When you are in the sky, hold down R1 And press x repeatedly. This will make Eragon shoot arrows at Durza. Repeat this until Durza shoots fireballs at you. Dodge them. When the fireballs have a pinkish touch to them, hold L1 and keep pressing X. This will shoot them back. If Durza ever gets really close to you, hold X and breath fire. Repeat this process until Durza is dead.

Eragon Glitches

  • DS | Submitted by Nintendoland U.S.A

    Funny Lightning Bolt

    after you learn the lightning-bolt spell, it shows you a certain way to draw it...but there is another way. Use your stylus and drag it along the outside of the bottom screen (you might only see half the blue line but draw it any way). Once you've out-lined the whole screen let go and it will let you cast the lightning bolt spell!

Eragon Cheats

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Bender

    Unlimited Fury

    Pause the game and enter

    Hold L Bumper, L Trigger, R Bumper, R Trigger and press X, X, B, B

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Furry Mode

    Pause Menu

    Hold L1, L2, R1, and R2 and enter Square, Square, Circle, Circle

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Furry Mode

    Pause Menu

    Hold down all triggers a nd enter X, X, B, B