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Entire Xbox Series X briefing leaks online

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The entire Xbox Series X briefing from Microsoft has leaked online, revealing more the plan Microsoft originally had before it was forced to play its hand early. 

The leaked briefing is broken down into four parts by Twitter user Walking Cat (@_h0x0d_), and sees Xbox head Phil Spencer,  Liz Hamren (head of platform engineering and hardware) and Sarah Bond (head of Xbox partnerships and ecosystems),  interviewed by Cindy Walker, senior director of Xbox platform marketing.

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This could well have been the event that Microsoft had planned for next week - the plan that had already been confirmed by Spencer earlier. The briefing runs through the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X console information that has now been revealed, including the actual Xbox Series S console itself, and the Xbox Series X release date and price.

Interestingly it is entitled the Xbox Virtual Press Briefing, which could suggest that this wasn't going to ever be released to the public, but rather just to journalists. 

Either way, there's no new information in the briefing that we now don't already know. But it's interesting to hear Spencer and co talk about the Xbox Series journey. 

For more info on the Xbox Series X and S, check out the links below:

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