The Boys star opens up on Homelander's lab massacre, says it's "one of the most enjoyable" moments he's had on the show

The Boys season 4
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The Boys viewers were left wide-eyed and queasy after Homelander butchered a bunch of his old acquaintances in the show's darkest season 4 episode yet. Actor Antony Starr, on the other hand, had the time of his life filming the bloodsoaked scenes...

In 'Wisdom of the Ages', which landed on Prime Video on Thursday, June 20, an increasingly unstable Homelander is struck by a sudden wave of nostalgia and pays a visit to the scientists who used to experiment on him when he was a child. When it arrives, the researchers are instantly rattled by his drop-in and before long, we find out they had every right to be, as he subjects them with twisted mind games and brutal violence. 

"It was actually really fun," Starr told Variety, as he recalled shooting the whole thing. "As dark and f****d up as that seems now, that was probably one of the most enjoyable sequences I've had on the show. I had a ball doing it. 

"It can't get weird enough or dark enough for me and I love that. We get to do things on screen that we never get to do in real life so it was a huge amount of fun."

In the most recent episode, Homelander tries to reach out to his son Ryan (Cameron Crovetti), confused by the youngster's lack of desire to torment the "lesser" people around him. "What do you want to do? Big picture?" he asks him, to which Ryan timidly replies that he wants to help people, like a real superhero.

But of course, as viewers who've been watching from the beginning know all too well, it's clear Homelander doesn't know the meaning of the words "help" or "superhero"... so is hardly best placed to assist Ryan in achieving his dreams.

The Boys season 4 is streaming now on Prime Video, with new episodes releasing every Thursday. For more, check out our latest coverage on the show:

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