Captain America 4 star says the Marvel film will be a "reality-based superhero movie"

Falcon and the Winter Soldier introduces the new Captain America
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Captain America: Brave New World sees Tim Blake Nelson reprise his The Incredible Hulk role as Samuel Sterns, AKA the Leader – and the actor has praised the movie's use of practical effects to bring his character to life, teasing a "reality-based" addition to the MCU.

"I'm very happy about [Brave New World]. It's a wonderfully directed movie by Julius Onah," Nelson told the Inside of You podcast (via CBR). "I can tell you about my character that we did everything we could, and this was entirely supported by Marvel and I'm so grateful to Kevin Feige and [producer] Nate Moore for supporting this: they were on board 100% to do the character as practically as possible with an absence of digital stuff."

He went on to praise Onah and Marvel Studios for "wanting to make a very much reality-based superhero movie, as oxymoronic as that sounds" and concluded that "in terms of our approach to the Leader, that's really where we went and I was really gratified to do it that way."

The fourth Captain America will see Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson take on the titular mantle, while Danny Ramirez's Joaquin Torres returns as the Winter Soldier. Nelson isn't the only Incredible Hulk alum on the cast list, either – the Leader will be joined by Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross (Harrison Ford, replacing the late William Hurt) and Thaddeus' daughter Betty (Liv Tyler).

Captain America: Brave New World is scheduled to hit the big screen on February 14, 2025. In the meantime, make sure you're up to date with the MCU with our guide to the story so far in Marvel Phase 5 and a look at what's to come in Marvel Phase 6.

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