Beyond the Spider-Verse composer provides update on sequel and reveals they are feeling the pressure concluding the trilogy: "You don't want to Godfather it"

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
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Ever since Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse hit cinemas last year, fans have been eagerly awaiting upcoming sequel Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse. Whilst originally slated for March this year, the highly anticipated film was indefinitely delayed amid the WGA writers' and SAG-AFTRA actors' strike.

But with the team now back to work on it, during our recent interview with the film's composer Daniel Pemberton we asked for the latest update. Speaking to GamesRadar+ ahead of the UK premiere of the live concert version of Across the Spider-Verse, Pemberton emphasized that he is naturally "sworn to secrecy" regarding any exact details.

However, he did reveal that they are certainly feeling the pressure with this next chapter, given that it acts as the conclusion to this much beloved trilogy. Pemberton admitted that the team are hoping to avoid the mistakes other threequels have made: "They are beavering away on it as we speak and I think the main thing for everyone is we are so proud of what we have done on these movies and you want a classic trilogy, you don’t want to let it down, you don’t want to Godfather it. We are feeling added pressure - in capital letters, underlined, with a big exclamation mark at the end."

Continuing, Pemberton added that he also wants to ensure Beyond the Spider-Verse continues to push boundaries and offer something new to audiences: "I think with these films we have always said 'what do we want to see, what do we want to experience, what will make us excited?' I always think about the audience but myself as the audience - how will I respond the best to this scene? If you do it in a way you have heard a million times before, it’s boring. I’ve seen that in so many films - you either reheat an old meal or make something fresh, and we are always trying to work out how to do the latter. But the high bar has been set."

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-verse composer

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One thing we are sure fans are hoping to see are fun Easter eggs, which is something the Spider-Verse films have always nailed - including Pemberton with the score (that Prowler one was particularly neat). As he tells us, the composer totally understands why this appeals to audiences, and so places great focus on connecting the scores between the films - which includes the upcoming threequel.

Pemberton revealed: "Another reason these films and scores have resonated so much with people is because it’s a universe where there is cohesion - so many of these superhero universes have different composers, directors, and approaches, so nothing links up musically but here it all does. Every choice in the score is a very considered one and there are musical clues about things, people, events, situations, and characters - they link from the first to the second film and hopefully into the third film. There’s secrets in there."

Continuing, Pemberton does admit that "there is pressure to add these details" but it's a challenge he enjoys - and one that ultimately benefits the score too: "If you have good base ingredients you can go to lots of places with them. That’s what’s been so interesting - like trying to find these character themes that are instantly recognizable in two seconds, and that’s another reason they have all taken off on TikTok because it’s so immediate. But I need to also write ones I know I can adapt and then find ways to adapt them. Like how do you turn Miles’ destiny theme into something else or how does the Spider-Man theme give you a different emotion? That puzzle is an exciting part of being a composer but also it’s satisfying for a viewer when it feels bigger."

The Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse in concert world premiere will take place in London on June 30, followed by a UK-wide tour in September. For more from our interview with Pemberton, here's what he said to say about his secret role helping bring Spider-Punk to life.

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