Embers and Echoes

What would you do if you were living in a city built deep underground so humanity could survive a terrible disaster, and you discovered that the big event everyone had been counting down to might be the end of everything all over again? If you’re a plucky pair of kids, you’d naturally try to find a way out and unlock the mystery of your home.

That’s the central plot in Fox’s new action adventure City Of Ember and with Tim Robbins helping them and Bill Murray as the mayor, it looks promising. Check out the trailer at the official site .

Also today, a break from the usual Trailer Park fare: but since Dollhouse is not only the new Joss Whedon TV show, but also features the lovely Eliza Dushku, it was our job, nay, our calling to pass along the first footage from the show, which US network Fox has just given a slot on its schedule across the pond. The intriguing show follows an “active” named Echo (Dushku), a woman who as part of a program gets her mind wiped and can become anything a client needs, from a ninja to a lover (think Joe 90, but with a Whedon spin). Now, we know it’s Fox and they cancelled Firefly, but Dollhouse has gotten some prime real estate next to 24 in January, so cross your fingers it lasts beyond half a season. See the trailer here .

source:( City of Ember ) ( Dollverse )