Ellie's back in the mo-cap studio for The Last of Us 2, but where's Joel?

The Last of Us 2 is now very much a thing and, as it's official, we're seeing a few little snippets of info here and there. One thing we're getting are a some shots of Ashley Johnson, who plays Ellie, in the mo-cap studio. 

Just Ashley. 

Here she is again.

And again. 

Where's Troy Baker, who plays Joel exactly? The last game was pretty much an ensemble piece throughout so you'd think he'd there, smiling away with a mo-cap plank or something.  

Obviously Troy could just be around, having a coffee, somewhere out of shot. And we know Naughty Dog are devious SOBs when it comes to manipulating info , but there are plenty of The Last Of Us 2 fan theories that Ashely doing mo-cap on her own could fire up - the main one being that Joel is dead and a figment of Ellie's imagination. 

Let the wild theorising commence. 

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