Ellen Page would be "utterly delighted" for a Kitty Pryde solo movie

Ellen Page has been discussing the possibility of a Kitty Pryde solo movie during an appearance at the Rome Film Festival, revealing she'd definitely be up for the X-Men spin-off, should the opportunity present itself. Whether or not Fox will put that opportunity on the table is another matter.

Page played the body-phasing mutant in both The Last Stand and Days Of Future Past, and would only be too happy to reprise the role, given the chance. "Sadly I have no information for you" said the actress. "Would I be utterly delighted to continue to play Kitty Pryde? Yes. I would love to."

While no such rumours have surfaced yet, Fox is beginning to expand the horizons of its franchise, with a Gambit solo movie on the way alongside a pair of new TV shows, Legion and Hellfire (opens in new tab). And given the move towards female-led superhero projects, Kitty Pryde might offer an appealing chance for the studio to widen its offering even further. Fingers crossed!

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