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The excellent Elgato HD60S game capture card is over 20% discounted this Prime Day

(Image credit: Elgato)

When you want to be the world's greatest Let's Player on YouTube, you're going to need the kit to get capture from all your best games. And my personal favourite go to for all our video capture needs is the Elgato HD60S. Thankfully, this little box of magic is currently available for considerably less than its $179.99 / £154.99 RRP, thanks to a pair of Amazon Prime Day deals (opens in new tab)

In the US, you can get it for 33% less at $119.99. (opens in new tab)

Over in the UK, it's available for £122.44, saving you 21% off that normal price. (opens in new tab)

The Elgato HD60S is a brilliant bit of kit, that connects to your PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch via HDMI, and then to your laptop / computer via USB. There's some brilliant software that you can download that allows you just to capture the gameplay footage, or live stream straight from your sofa. It's incredibly easy to use, and gets you glorious footage in up full 1080p HD at 60fps. 

You can live stream straight to Twitch, YouTube and more, or simply just save the footage to your hard drive to edit yourself. There are overlays, you can add your webcam feed, get alerts and more, and even change your stream layout on the fly. There's a Live Commentary feature too, so you can live stream the gameplay and chat away to your followers at the same time. 

Both the kit and the software work on Mac and PC too, so you don't have to worry about your OS like you do with other game capture cards. It's a brilliant bit of kit. 

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