Elden Ring will kill your Steam Deck's battery in 93 minutes

Elden Ring
(Image credit: FromSoftware)

The Steam Deck's battery reportedly only lasts 93 minutes with Elden Ring running.

That's according to a new guide by RockPaperShotgun, which has tested various games on the new Steam Deck to see how long the handheld's battery lasts from maximum charge. Apparently, Elden Ring lasts merely 93 minutes on the Steam Deck, if you have the brightness set to 50%, dynamic brightness disabled, and Airplane Mode off.

The guide delves into other games running on Valve's latest hardware to reveal how they affect the console's battery. For example, Horizon Forbidden West reduces the battery life to 91 minutes, while Grand Theft Auto 5 is able to run for just shy of three hours before the Steam Deck's battery gives in.

It's a great guide, because not only does it reveal how the Steam Deck's battery is affected by various games, but it also demonstrates how to extend the device's battery life further. We'd highly recommend reading the full thing if you're at all curious about how the Steam Deck handles demanding games, or if you're thinking about picking up Valve's new handheld for yourself.

Speaking of, Steam Deck production is expected to be in the "hundreds of thousands" at some point this month, according to Valve. The manufacturer gave an update on expected production last month, and reassured fans that production numbers should increase every month, meaning the Steam Deck should get easier to find over the rest of the year.

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