Elden Ring sells 20 million copies right before its first anniversary

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Elden Ring has surpassed 20 million copies sold in under a year.

Earlier today on February 22, FromSoftware and Bandai Namco announced the latest sales milestone for Elden Ring. This time, as the tweet below shows, Elden Ring has sailed past 20 million copies sold in just under a year, releasing around this time last year on February 25, 2022.

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FromSoftware's latest sure was cutting it close to achieve the sales milestone in under one year of being on the market. 20 million copies sold being Elden Ring has only extended its sales lead over other FromSoftware games, actually doubling the total sales of FromSoftware's second best-selling game, which happens to be Dark Souls 3 with 10 million copies sold.

Elden Ring sales have actually slowed down considerably over the last 11 months or so. It took FromSoftware's 2022 game only three weeks to sell 12 million copies, which means the majority of Elden Ring's total sales have still come within that first three-week period after it was put on sale for the first time.

To celebrate Elden Ring's imminent one-year anniversary, there's a special celebration being held in Stockholm, Sweden, of all places, later this week on February 25. Don't expect any major announcements from the show, such as the oft-rumored Elden Ring DLC, but when has mere speculation ever stopped FromSoftware fans from getting their hopes up?

Then again, FromSoftware has previously put out the Colosseum DLC for Elden Ring, which had its community going absolutely goblin mode. The developer never hinted at any further content in the pipeline, but it probably hasn't helped that an Elden Ring insider recently hinted at "huge" DLC for the game. Elden Ring has already set new records for FromSoftware, but fans are still eager for anything more.

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