Elden Ring community back in goblin mode after free Colosseum DLC announcement

Elden Ring
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A bite of Elden Ring DLC has finally been unveiled, and the game's community is (somewhat predictably) losing its collective mind.

Earlier today, on December 6, FromSoftware casually announced the Elden Ring Colosseum free update which will launch tomorrow, December 7. The reveal came out of nowhere, with zero prior (official) hints at the imminent launch of the free update, so the Elden Ring player base is naturally rejoicing.

Take the Elden Ring subreddit post just below, for example. While the post focuses on the news, the comments underneath are going buck wild over the patch, with some proclaiming "WE FINALLY HAVE THE RIGHT! O WE HAVE THE RIGHT!" and others writing "I hope the PvP boys and girls are happy." How considerate of them.

Others are celebrating the return of hectic six-player combat in a FromSoftware game. If you're unaware, the original Dark Souls also let six players come together in one world via the power of Dried Fingers, with the host using the disgusting item to summon three allies before being invaded by two foes for a brutal melee brawl. This time around, we've got even 3v3 battles, which still ought to be mighty hectic.  

Practically everywhere you look on social media sites and forums, Elden Ring players are celebrating the free Colosseum update. Check out some of the responses to the announcement tweet below if you need any more convincing that FromSoftware's players are absolutely thirsting for more content.

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Elden Ring's free Colosseum update will launch worldwide on all platforms on December 7. While some pessimists believe this is the last big update for the action-RPG, plenty of Elden Ring fans are still hoping that further DLC will be announced as soon as the The Game Awards 2022 showcase later this week on Thursday. Our own Joe Donnelly also reckons the fabled colosseums could open the door to so much more new content. 

If you're ready to go into the Colosseum yourself, try these Elden Ring PvP builds. Or check out our full Elden Ring bosses guide if you're looking to track down a single player combat challenge.

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