Elden Ring player cooks invaders alive with a devious trick

Elden Ring
(Image credit: FromSoftware)

One Elden Ring player has taken to cooking invaders alive as a devious punishment.

The Elden Ring player has devised a method called the 'Furnace Trap' to punish invaders. As the video below demonstrates, this involves baiting players into a narrow passageway and trapping them there with a gigantic Greatshield, which then spews forth a stream of fire to burn them to a crisp.

The method all hinges on two things: the Visage Shield, and a metric tonne of Stamina. The former is a downright haunting item that resembles the Fire Giant's face, and throws out fire from its twisted maw with the Tongues of Fire skill, which in turn drains your Stamina massively for every second it continues.

Slamming a Tarnished into the oven and shutting the door behind them is a terrible fate for any player, let alone an invader. You can see the sheer panic in some invader's movements in the clip above as they realize what's about to happen, but try as they might, some things in Elden Ring are just inevitable.

Not that we don't condone vanquishing invaders in methods that Elden Ring clearly allows for, though. When you're voluntarily stepping into someone else's game to kill them, you're basically asking for trouble, and who can blame a defender if they're employing drastic measures to get rid of an invader?

Imagine the last thing you see being the Fire Giant's ugly mug spewing flames at you. No, thank you.

Elden Ring's getting another comedy graphic novel adaptation later this year, if you were looking for other strange ventures in The Lands Between.

Hirun Cryer

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